How To Think Like a Master Musician:

Become a great guitarist, pianist, or singer faster than you thought possible!



What if you could find a way to practice music for five minutes and make more progress than 99% of people make in three hours? Would that save you time? Would that save you years of frustration? Would that inspire you to WANT to practice as much as possible so you could make massive improvement each and every time you touch your guitar, piano, or open your mouth to sing?

I do this for my students every day. It’s the easiest part of my job to train students to make massive improvement in minutes rather than hours or days. 

Have you ever wondered why some people learn music quickly and some people take forever to learn to play music well if ever at all? Have you ever wondered why some people improve massively when they practice and others make little or no improvement no matter how much they practice? Most people think that the main difference between quick learners and slow learners is talent. This could not be further from the truth. 

You do not have to be born with talent to become an incredible musician and to learn quickly. You do not need talent to practice effectively. Talent is simply the tendency to do the right things. One in a million people simply do the right things in music without realizing it. The rest of us can learn to do the right things so we can become the musicians we want to be. A great music teacher will install talent into you so that you develop the tendency to do the right things consistently. 

What is the main difference between a beginner, intermediate, and advanced musician? Is it the way they play their instrument? Is it the amount of time they practice? Is it the size of their fingers?  Of course not! 

The main difference between a beginner, intermediate, and advanced musician is the way they think.

Over the past decade, have taught hundreds of guitar, piano, and voice students and empowered them to reach their musical goals. I have found that my student’s mindset, not their musical ability, determines how quickly they reach their goals and whether they ever reach their musical goalsTherefore, my primary job as a music teacher is to train my students how to think! 

If you think like a master musician for long enough, you will become one insanely quickly. If you think like a master musician every day, it is impossible NOT to become a master musician. With a master musician mindset, you will be motivated to practice, you will make the most of every minute of your practice time, you will believe in yourself, you will solve your problems, you will trust your music instructor, and you will enjoy the learning process.

Below Are the Top 9 Beliefs of a Master Musician 

1. have a growth mentality – With effort and persistence, I can develop my skills, my character, and overcome any obstacle.
2. I am a problem solver – I solve my own problems. If I do not know the solution, I look for it until I find the solution
3. Failure is an opportunity to learn – Failure is necessary for success
4. I enjoy the process of learning and growing – I don’t just focus on my destination as a musician, I enjoy the journey and all that I learn along the way.
5. I believe in myself  I regularly remind myself that I can and I will become a great musician. I replace every thought of self-doubt with a postive thought about myself.
6. I believe in my teacher/mentor – I trust that my  music teacher wants me to succeed and is committed to my growth as a musician and as a person. I do what my teacher tells me to do.
7. I visualize my future self every day – I imagine in vivid detail myself playing or singing a song like a professional. The more vivid and specific I can make my vision, the more this exercise will help me to learn a song faster.
8. I write down the reasons I want to succeed every day  Reasons are the fuel to take consistent action. I remind myself WHY I want to become a musician. 
9. I set believable goals and I move toward them one day at a time until I reach the goal. – As I approach my goal, I set a new goal. I set goals that are challenging yet obtainable.

Focus on your mindset daily so you can overcome limiting beliefs which keep you stuck, frustrated and at the same level. When you develop the beliefs of an advanced musician daily, you will make incredible progress in a short amount of time and will enjoy the process. 

In addition to these nine beliefs, master musicians make the most of every practice session, even if they are away from their instrument. Master musicians do not simply repeat the same song over and over. Instead they practice principles and isolate specific principles of the music such as the pitches, the rhythm, the phrasing, the dynamics, the tone, and the style. 

By exclusively focusing on one of these music principles at a time, students with a master mindset make incredible progress, experience far less frustration, and in five minutes of highly focused practice, they can make more progress than most musicians make in three hours of practice.

To learn more about how to think like a master musician, find a music teacher near you who specializes in teaching the master musician mindset. You will benefit greatly from guitar, piano, or voice lessons from a master instructor.

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