Beginner Guitar Students


Ravenna has been studying with Maui Music School’s Guitar Coaching Program TM for almost 8 months now. ¬†At just 8 years old Ravenna is very skilled and passionate when it comes to playing guitar.

“I love guitar, and I love taking guitar lessons with Uncle Erik… And I love how he teaches me!”Ravenna

Reid started taking group lessons with Maui’s Premier Guitar Coaching 9 months ago and has since gone from total beginner to late beginner. His skills include learning songs much more easily and increased playing accuracy. Reid has taken his guitar coaching seriously and practices for 15 to 30 minutes every day, and the results show!

“It is very fun, I’ve learned many songs and yea it’s pretty cool… It’s really cool to be able to say that you play guitar.”Reid



Leyton is a fast learner and has come a long way in just a short time. He’s gotten his “power” chords down and can play a LOT of melodies with ease. Leyton is passionate about learning new songs and has built a great repertoire of rock and classic rock songs. Leyton practices for 30 minutes a day!

“I’ve learned how to play guitar, and it’s been really fun! It’s been a really cool experience learning how to play a really cool instrument… on the very beginning day I wasn’t that good… but I think I’ve improved a lot and learned a lot of new songs.”Leyton

David was another beginner student who quickly found out how easy guitar playing can be when you have the right guitar teacher and coach to guide the way! David loves coming to guitar lessons and practices every day!

“When I first started guitar lessons I was so happy because I actually didn’t know how to play it until I came here… I was so happy when I started playing and it became so fun to me… and it became so easy!”David


Intermediate Guitar Students


Jan proves its never too late to learn something new and that with the right coach and the right training anything is possible. Since taking lessons with Maui’s Premier Guitar Coaching Jan has built upon an already strong beginner foundation and is now quite the intermediate guitar player.

“Singing was something that always came naturally to me but I’ve always wanted something more… Now I can play and accompany my songs with guitar and it sounds like I want it to sound… I’m happy!”Jan

Joe was struggling to play barre chords and power chords accurately but after just a few lessons with Maui’s Premier Guitar Coaching Joe is now a great intermediate guitar player! Keep on rocking Joe!

“Even though I had to drive from Wailuku to Kihei for lessons it was worth it. I keep getting better and I’m having plenty fun learning!”Joe


Advanced Guitar Students

Jonny came in as a decent intermediate player and after just one year of taking guitar lessons consistently at Maui’s Premier Guitar Coaching TM he’s become one of our best Advanced Guitar Players. His understanding of music theory has expanded into the advanced levels, his fretboard visualization is excellent and his phrasing is dramatically better than when he began. Keep rocking Jonny!

“If you’re serious about doing it, do it! If you really want to take it to the next level, understand whats going on with music, figure out where you’re at and where you can be then Yes… There’s no substitute for taking lessons.”Jonny



Josef is another example of what consistent practicing habits and the right guitar coach can do for your guitar playing. Josef came in knowing 1 pentatonic box pattern and one major scale and now knows and uses ALL the pentatonic patterns, all the modes and a whole lot more. You can see Josef performing RainSong by Led Zeppelin Here!

“I am continually awed at how Erik effortlessly embodies so many important teaching principles and qualities that I have studied for years. He is obviously a natural. His own enthusiasm for music is obvious and very productively contagious. After flirting with learning music theory for over 20 years and never following through, suddenly it’s a passion of mine.”Josef