About Maui Music School and Maui’s Premier Guitar Coaching TM

“Guitar Coaching was exactly what my boys needed! They constantly impress me with the new things they’re learning!”

Maui Music School is built on the foundational approach of FOCUS. We all live busy lives and we know that the time to work on our musical dreams and ambitions can be scarce. It is with the understanding that even with a limited amount of time anyone who puts in the effort, has the right guidance and plan in place and who consistently practices the right things at the right time will ultimately reach ANY dream they have for themselves.

When students come in for the first time we don’t even officially begin lessons with them until they’ve undergone a FREE musical evaluation session. This session tells us where the student is currently at with their music skill and where they want to go. It is the easiest part of our work to then fill in the gaps with our expertise and train students to unleash the greatness already within them!

Not only do we rely on 20 years of teaching experience to build the perfect plan for each student’s success but we spend the time to M.A.P. out a “massive action plan” for each student. This is one of the many reasons that our students know how commited to their success we actually are. We don’t know of any other music or guitar instructors on Maui that take this time and focus on each one of their students.